Door to door / Dial-a-ride

You have to be a registered member to use the service, registration from 1st Jan 2023 is £18

Waveney service

Norfolk service

Return fares

  • £6.00 for passengers travelling up to 5 miles
  • £7.00 for passengers travelling up to 5-9 miles
  • £8.00 for passengers travelling up to 10-14 miles

The driver will take your fare when you board the bus. Please have the correct fare ready to avoid delay.

Please complete a registration form on line. Alternatively you can print a form and return it to us.

Concessionary vouchers
Suffolk residents who cannot use conventional bus services and do not have a free bus pass are eligible for £100 worth of vouchers a year to use on community transport.


The services run between 9.00-16.00 hrs.


Journeys may be booked between one and seven days in advance and places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Help us to help you

  • Please bear in mind, if you use the service for shopping, there is limited space on the minibus for carrier bags or a shopping trolley.
  • Please do not travel with a shopping bag that is too heavy for you to carry yourself as our volunteer drivers may not be able to assist with heavy bags.
  • When you board the bus, please have your money ready to pay the driver so avoiding delays in picking up the next passenger.
  • Please ensure that you wear your seatbelt throughout the journey and until the bus comes to a complete standstill.