Covid-19 – Statement

First of all we hope that all our friends and colleagues across the UK and around the world can stay healthy during this unprecedented emergency. We are thinking of you.

We will be closing our Bungay office from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December, following government Covid-19 guidelines. Our staff will contine to work from home, covering normal office hours.

We are currently aiming to cover medical appointments wherever possible in the minibuses and WAV’s to ensure distancing rules are met. As the weeks progress, we will be constantly reviewing what we can do to help everyone whilst at the same time ensuring that our drivers, staff and passengers stay as safe as possible.

We are in regular discussion with our local authority and operator clients about the new challenges that they are facing on a daily basis and have been assisting with ideas for changed policies, services and resource prioritisation as well as by drafting new procedures to help frontline staff. We have a particular interest in helping ensure that access opportunities are maintained for older and more vulnerable passengers or are replaced with alternative delivery and visiting services.

The simple message is that we are here, and fully functional and available to help you.


Bact provides transport for people living in the Waveney district of Suffolk and the south eastern area of south Norfolk for whom other forms of public transport are not easily available.  In the average year we transport around 40,000 passengers on journeys covering 400,000 miles.  We have several services:

These services are open to all: young, old, able-bodied or infirm.

The majority of journeys undertaken are for transporting passengers to medical services and day centres on behalf of the local authorities, but many others are for shopping, family visits and similar.

Transport is provided by volunteer drivers, using either their own vehicles or our minibuses and wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  If you are interested in helping the community by becoming volunteer, we would love to hear from you.

bact is funded by fares, contracts, grants, fundraising and donations.  bact increasingly relies on fundraising and donations.