Covid-19 – Update

We have taken the very difficult decision to stop our community transport service commencing Monday 30th March 2020.  We will be limiting what happens for the rest of this week to the absolute minimum to ensure the safety of our passengers, staff and volunteers.

We will be referring people for hospital transport back to the hospitals as if vital, the hospital transport service should step in.

For those in real need of shopping and medicines – we will be referring to the local community hub groups which are being set up for those who need help in these challenging times.

From Monday, we will be concentrating whatever drivers we have available to helping in the community to deliver food parcels or medicines – please let us know of anyone you feel may be in need who we can then refer.

We need to do this to protect our volunteers, staff and passengers and comply with the current government guidelines.

We continue to work from home so ring if you need to – but we only have one person at a time answering – so bare with us if it takes a while to get through.

If you are feeling lonely and isolated, please let us know as whilst we are not providing transport, we can always have a chat.

Take care everyone

Special Announcement

Introduction of Annual Registration Fee

From 1st April 2020, bact is increasing the annual registration fee to £16.00, which will apply to all service users with the exception of essential carers.

The trustees of bact have been considering this for some time and have now decided that this is an essential step if bact is to survive and safeguard the provision of community transport services in the Waveney district and parts of South Norfolk.  Many community transport groups throughout Suffolk, Norfolk and the rest of the country have been charging registration fees for some while.

bact’s financial situation is particularly affected by the following factors:

  • bact provides community transport for the Waveney district for Suffolk County Council under contract. The contract price has been cut by 10% each year and we are currently about to start our fourth year of the five year contract.  When this contract ends, it seems likely that there will be no more grant funding from Suffolk County Council.  Over the last four years the funding from Suffolk County Council has reduced from the equivalent of £167,808 to a current level of £120,000.  This amounts to just 50% of our running costs for 2018.  You can see how serious the loss of this income will be and why we need to take steps to mitigate its impact!
  • bact is constrained by impending changes in government legislation that prevents county councils from offering contracts to community transport organisations like bact throughout the country.
  • Our drivers are predominantly volunteers, but we must pay our administrative staff to coordinate the 50,000 passenger journeys and the half a million miles travelled every year. This is very time consuming.
  • The vehicles used for Dial a Ride services and our Wheelchair accessible vehicles (vital for many of our passengers) are expensive to buy and maintain.

bact’s trustees are considering several other ways to increase their income to ensure that the organisation can survive.  These include:

  • Fundraising events
  • Increasing donations and legacies

If you have any other ideas of ways that bact could generate more income, we would love to hear from you.

We hope you will continue to support our services in the future and that this decision will not affect your use of bact community transport.

Ways to pay your annual registration fee

  • Cheque (payable to Bact) and posted to Bact Community transport, Harmony House, Hillside Road East, BUNGAY NR35 1RX
  • Phone the office (01986 895665/896896) and pay with a credit or debit card.
  • Cash – direct to the bact office in Bungay.

N.B.  Do not pay your driver the registration fee or post cash to us.


Bact provides transport for people living in the Waveney district of Suffolk and the south eastern area of south Norfolk for whom other forms of public transport are not easily available.  In the average year we transport around 25,000 passengers on journeys covering 300,000 miles.  We have several services:

These services are open to all: young, old, able-bodied or infirm.

The majority of journeys undertaken are for transporting passengers to medical services and day centres on behalf of the local authorities, but many others are for shopping, family visits and similar.

Transport is provided by volunteer drivers, using either their own vehicles or our minibuses and wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  If you are interested in helping the community by becoming volunteer, we would love to hear from you.

bact is funded by fares, contracts, grants, fundraising and donations.  bact increasingly relies on fundraising and donations.