How do I contact the office out of hours?

You can leave a message for us on our normal phone lines which will be picked up Monday – Friday between 8.30 – 16.00 hrs.  If you need to cancel a trip at very short notice, you can ring and leave a message on our office number 01986896896.

Will the driver wait for me?

This varies depending on your destination, the volunteer and the length of your visit.  For hospital appointments drivers generally wait for about 2 hours.

How much will it cost?

Fares vary.

Community Cars

These journeys being charged at 45p per mile, which commences when the volunteer driver leaves their home and ends when they get home.  There is a minimum charge per passenger journey of £1.80.  The minimum charge for a return journey (up to 4 miles one way) is £3.60

Dial a Ride

Fares vary with the distance the passenger travels – for a return journey the costs are as follows:

Up to 5 miles is  £6.00

5 – 9 miles is       £7.00

10 -14 miles is    £8.00

WAV Journeys

54p per mile, 1 carer can travel free of charge. Any additional passenger is also charged 54p per mile.

How do I contact the driver if I need picking up earlier than the requested time?

You must phone the office who will see if this can be organised.  Please do not phone the driver.

How much notice do I need to give?

Community Cars – as much as possible (it’s never too early) but a minimum of 48 hrs working day’s notice.

Dial a Ride – can be booked between 1 – 7 days ahead.  Bookings must be made by 12pm on the day before you request your transport as routes are organised after this time and cannot easily be changed.

Can I take someone with me?

When travelling in the community cars, you can take someone with you from the same address at no extra charge.  On the Dial a Ride service, you will have to pay a fare for an extra person unless they are an essential carer.

Will the transport pick me up from my door?

Community cars and Dial a Ride operate a door to door service, but you must be ready when the vehicles arrive.

Can the volunteer help me with my wheelchair and push me to my appointment?

Our volunteers are not trained carers and some are not able to push wheelchairs due to their own medical problems.  If you require assistance and do not have a carer who can travel with you, please mention that you require help when you book your journey and we will do our best to help you.

Should I tip my driver?

Please do not tip your driver.  They are volunteers: a fundamental aspect of the legislation under which they and bact operates, is that the volunteer must not make a profit.

How can I donate to the organisation?

You can give donations to bact by cheque (made payable to Bact) or online through our website.

Do you do on the day bookings for emergency doctor’s appointments?

Generally we cannot operate at such short notice, however you can always ask and we can see if we have a volunteer available.

How do I make a complaint?

Bact has a formal complaints process.  If you cannot resolve your issue with the person you are speaking to then please speak to the manager (or assistant Manager in their absence) or put your complaint in writing to the Manager.  If you are still not satisfied with your response, you can contact the Chairman in writing addressed to: Chairman, Bact, Harmony House, Hillside Road East, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1RX

Can I have a receipt?

Our vehicles and community car drivers all carry official receipts with our letter heading if you require one.  If possible tell us that you require a receipt when you make the booking if so the driver is pre-warned.

Can I use my Suffolk County Council (SCC) concessionary vouchers?

You can use SCC concessionary vouchers for any of the trips you undertake with bact community transport.  A maximum of £20 can be used for any journey.   If your journey costs more than this, the extra amount must be cash or cheque.  We are not allowed to give change for vouchers and so any fares which are not rounded up to the value of the voucher should be accompanied by the additional cash.  E.g. If a fare is £3.60 – then vouchers given could be totalling £3.00 and the additionally 60p in cash.

What are concessionary vouchers?

Suffolk County Council issue vouchers each year for £200 for those passengers who are entitled to a bus pass but cannot use buses.  For a form to apply for these, please look at the Suffolk County Council on board website or ask your driver to arrange to get a leaflet sent to you.

I have problems with steps on your buses.  How can you help?

All our minibuses have a rear tail lift, which enable anyone who cannot manage the steps to board the bus. Please mention when booking that you need to use the lift.

Can I reserve a specific seat on the bus?

No seats can be reserved on buses.  If you have a particular need for a certain seat, please mention when you book your journey and we will see what we can do, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Can I have a regular driver?

We cannot guarantee that you have a regular driver, but we do our best to accommodate customer requests whenever possible.  We do try to use drivers who live as close as possible to you to keep your journey costs down.

What training do your drivers and passenger assistants get?

All our drivers undergo training under a scheme called MIDAS.  This special course not only checks on the driving ability of our drivers but gives special training on strapping down wheelchairs and assisting passengers on and off our vehicles.  Passenger Assistants do the same but without the driving assessment.

Why do journeys get split some days?

Occasionally we will have to split a journey and you will have one driver take you somewhere and a different one take you home.  This can be for a number of reasons i.e. driver is not available all day or has been called away to do another journey elsewhere which no one else could do.  We do our best to arrange journeys for as many passengers as possible and often have to juggle trips to fit everyone in.

Will I know the cost of the journey when I book?

For community car journeys, we estimate what your fare will be once we have identified your driver, however, we cannot guarantee the exact amount. Journeys vary according to the routes taken, sometimes there are diversions and occasionally we have to change your driver.  For Dial a Ride journeys, we can tell you about the fare as these are based on the distance from your home to your destination.

Can I take my mobility scooter on the minibus?

Generally mobility scooters are not suitable for travelling in our minibuses because they cannot safely be strapped down.  Some smaller ones may be suitable.  Passengers cannot travel on the lift on their scooters and must always transfer to a seat.  Before we can carry out any transport for mobility scooters or wheelchairs, we assess them, which is arranged through our office.

Can I hire your minibus for my son’s wedding?

Under the legislation within which we operate, we cannot do “private hire” work such as weddings.

Could I drive the bact minibus for my local voluntary organisation?

Yes you can. You need to sign up to be a volunteer with bact and complete our training.  Several organisation’s do this.