• September 20, 2018 – Lowestoft (Asda, Seaside or Town Centre) - (BB DAR)
    Dial-a-ride specials Beccles/Bungay
  • September 21, 2018 – Seagull Theatre ‘Celebrating Music Of The Kings Of Swing’ - (BB DAR)
    Dial-a-ride specials Beccles/Bungay
  • September 27, 2018 – Stonham Barns - (BB DAR)
    Dial-a-ride specials Beccles/Bungay
  • October 4, 2018 – Westhall Village Hall Lunch - (BB DAR)
    Dial-a-ride specials Beccles/Bungay
  • October 8, 2018 – Lowestoft (Asda, Seaside or Town Centre) - (BB DAR)
    Dial-a-ride specials Beccles/Bungay

BACT 581 Village Feeder Bus Service - Bungay/Beccles

BACT community transport, in partnership with Norfolk County Council, will start a scheduled feeder service from various villages (see below) to compliment Simonds 581 service at earlier and later times from 24th April 2017, Monday to Friday.

The bus starts at Bungay at 07.04 and 17.04 and makes it way to Ditchingham and then on to Beccles via Broome, Ellingham, Kirby Cane, Geldeston and Gillingham, arriving Beccles at 07.35 and 17.35. The route then runs in reverse finishing at Bungay 08.31 and 1836.

The route takes in the rural villages at earlier and later times, where there is currently no bus provision, to give connections to other services (First X2, Borderbus 146) for onward travel to Norwich and Lowestoft for workers and students as well as offering an additional link to the Market towns of Beccles and Bungay.

Anyone can use the service and you can even flag the bus down in between bus stops and our friendly bus driver will always stop for you, as long as it is safe to do so.

Fares will initially be free, while passenger numbers are assessed, but it is planned that they will be introduced at a later date.

For further details please contact us on 01986 896896

Bungay, Hillside Road East 07:04 17:04
Bungay, St Marys 07:08 17:08
Ditchingham, Village Hall 07:13 17:13
Broome, Artichoke 07:17 17:17
Kirby Cane, Bus Shelter 07:22 17:22
Geldeston, Wherry 07:26 17:26
Gillingham, Emma’s 07:31 17:31
Beccles, Old Market 07:35 17:35
Beccles, Railway Station 07:38 17:38
Bungay, High School R – –
146 Departs to Norwich 07:42
X2 Departs to Norwich 07:52
X2 Arrives from Norwich 17:48
146 Arrives from Norwich 17:56
Beccles, Railway Station 07:57 18:02
Beccles, Old Market 08:00 18:05
Gillingham, Emma’s 08:04 18:09
Geldeston, Wherry 08:09 18:14
Kirby Cane, Bus Shelter 08:13 18:18
Broome, Artichoke 08:18 18:23
Ditchingham, Village Hall 08:22 18:27
Bungay, Trinity Street 08:27 18:32
Bungay Hillside Road East 08:31 18:36
Bungay, High School R – –
Bungay, St Marys R R
R = Requested stop only

This service does not operate on bank holidays

Simonds 581

Simonds run the 581 service in-between the bact service please see their website for details.